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Payroll Processing

Deliver A Perfect Paycheck Every Time.

Complete Automation

A streamlined process designed to give a flawless payroll. Easily sync timesheets, check totals & review reports in real time. Empower employees with self-service and reduce time spent updating pay changes.

Minimize Complexity

Admins can easily manage a number of payroll elements so payments always reflect the latest information. Modify earnings, deductions, direct deposits and more from one single login.


Time Management

Start With The Right Tools.

Operate More Efficiently

Say goodbye to manual, inefficient processes. Now you can quickly deploy schedules to staff, review timesheet, and make edits before approving pay.

Decrease Labor Costs

Eliminate buddy punching, missed punches, and corrections through smart proactive rule provisions. Ensure managers and staff are sticking to guidelines with attestation, warning flags and notifications.


Human Resources

Focus On Your People...Not Paperwork

Improve Decision Making

From hire to retire the power is at your fingertips. Intelligently automate HR administrative tasks. Easily track and report on different areas, gaining the perspective you need to make smart HR decisions.

Drive Employee Development

Promote and encourage talent, manage compensation, and stay on top of learning and development to constantly grow your company's top asset.

Your Employee's Life Cycle 

Managed Through One Unified System

Take a peak and explore the attractions of the FUSION platform that are there to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your employee.

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Built For the Modern Workforce

Business's are moving faster than ever and so is their workforce. You need a system that can keep your workforce efficient, mobile and focused on what you hired them to do. Restrictive system, manual process, and lack of structure can be the largest limiting factor to a organizations ability to grow. 


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