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Enhance the Digital Experience

Intelligent RPA

FusionRPA is an Intelligent Robotic Process Automation platform which comes bundled with key essential technologies AI, ML, NLP, ETL, etc. for automation of front office, middle office, back office and IT operations.
Fusion – Robotic Process Automation is the fastest platform to automate repetitive processes such as processing transactions, collating data, triggering responses, and integrating various disparate data systems. FusionRPA with its multi-threading capabilities ensures that all such operations across front office, middle office, back office and IT operations are done at faster speed and at reduced cost with highest accuracy.
FusionRPA with its AI and Machine Learning capabilities processes structured and unstructured data intelligently and efficiently to help automate complex tasks.


Why FusionRPA?


Endless Possibilities !

Excel Automation

With FusionRPA, you can automate Excel spreadsheet procedures and activities. You can put all the data integrity checks, validation and reduce the data processing time from hours to minutes using FusionRPA. With integration of Excel automation and robotic process automation, you will be able to automate many operations in your organization.



FusionRPA Chabot is the bot that interacts with customers and fulfills requests using Artificial Intelligence. These bots asks questions, collects information and executes task in your back office application via a chat window, text or email. This way FusionRPA reduces the need for the human agent to interact with customers.
FusionRPA Chatbot allows your customers to reach you anytime, anywhere, by seamlessly integrating all your existing online and mobile platforms, including websites, apps, and text messaging.
FusionRPA Chatbot offers the highest level of customer experience with shorter transaction times, reducing manual errors and avoiding the highly irritating repeat questions for the same information.

SAP Automation

These days, managing data has become a crucial for any organization as most of the industries needs latest and accurate data which will keep their business floating with competitive market. SAP ERP is one of the reliable source to manage business operations for any size.
With SAP Automation using FusionRPA, stakeholders gain more visibility, control of processes, increased efficiency, enhanced reliability and reduced costs.
Customers who are using FusionRPA SAP automation have noticed almost zero errors in their back end which will reduce the cost for rework.

Web UI Automation

The web has become a central and integral part of today’s world of technology. More and more providers and systems are switching to the cloud and web-based applications as we evolve in this digitally transforming era. This shift to web gives organizations a unique capability of seamless portability as well as ability to access data from anywhere using cloud technology. What this also means is that there is an abundant scope for web and UI automation in the current industry state.

HR Automation

It is troublesome for HR to convey essential focus when staff individuals are covered in everyday, dull and tedious assignments. FusionRPA can bolster all the ordinary HR and Finance operational difficulties; there are well-ordered procedures which rely on various frameworks. The tedious task which is administered based on step by step methods and requires time and exertion (e.g., finance). Exactness disappointment in information preparing mistakes and information compliance issues (e.g., contrasts in HR and Finance information)

Front Office Automation

Customer experience is vital to business performance; it is imperative to have sophisticated technology wherever there is a direct interaction involved with customers is it through a phone call, email, chat or SMS. Fusion Robotic Process Automation offers highest level of customer experience by providing fastest, error-free response 24*7.
FusionRPA Front office automation revolutionizes the way business interacts, communicates and engages with customers. Whether the customer requests a quotation or submits a balance inquiry, he expects a lightning fast response with no errors and without being repeatedly prompted for same information.
FusionRPA has automated various front office processes like Quotation Generation, Loan De-duplication etc.

Middle Office Automation

In many situations, the middle office functions as a support mechanism for the front office and also has the responsibility of providing the back office with the data necessary to complete the transaction process with the customer. Thus, while Front office and Back office automation are essential, it is equally important to consider automation of middle office operations such as risk management, compliance regulatory and technology.
FusionRPA middle office automation helps eliminate the cost and risk arising due to gaps created by efficient front office and manual middle office operations. FusionRPA has automated various middle office processes like salary transfer, Credit card limit etc.

Back Office Automation

Back office operations have traditionally been paper-intensive and labor-intensive.While front office automation is critical to customer experience, it is equally important to have highly efficient back office operations.
Fusion – robotic process automation can automate all your back office operations to offer reduced processing cycle times, improved visibility into the status of requests for front office and customers, standardization of processes across regions, and improved quality of service to customers
FusionRPA has automated various Back office processes like employee contracts, supplier management.


FusionRPA AI capabilities help automate more than just mundane tasks. With ML & NLP, FusionRPA can handle unstructured data and provide prediction capabilities which can help in areas like customer support, sales, risk and compliance.

AI Driven Platform

Many processes in the organization are data oriented which are mundane in nature and time consuming. FusionRPA is the fastest data processing RPA platform with the speed of 10 to 1000 times faster to help reduce turnaround time significantly.

10X Faster Data Processing

Time dependent processes like salary processing, order processing or regulatory reporting are difficult to handle due to spikes in demand. For such processes, we have introduced pay per use bots.


A Single RPA bot can be used to automate multiple processes simultaneously which increase speed drastically and brings down TCO due to reduction in requirement of number of bots.

Multi-threading RPA Bots

400+ ready connector and workflow bots are available. This reduces time and efforts to deploy new automated processes significantly. All connectors and workflows are listed in the Bot Store and most of them are free to download.

Bot Store

FusionRPA drag and drop and smart recording capabilities make it easier to build automations. At the same time, we support scripting in different languages like Java, Python to build complex business logic making it easy to adopt RPA solution enterprise wide.

Low Code & Pro Code Development

FusionRPA is enterprise wide automation platform with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IT Process Automation (ITPA), ETL, iPaaS, AI as core capabilities.

Integrated Automation...Beyond RPA
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