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Benefits Administration

Onboarding & Administering Benefit plans has always led to resources getting tied up with unnecessary Administrative & Compliance details.

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With FusionHCM this is a thing of the past!


Innovative Pay-As-You-Go programs for Workers Comp, Disability, and Paid Family Leave will help alleviate the hassle of complex calculations and manual payments!



Payroll Dynamics has curated relationships for over 15 years giving you access to many comprehensive benefit programs!


From Retirement Plans with a multitude of platforms available, to Health Insurance plans for all sizes, we will help find the best solution for you and your organization



FSA, HSA, Dependent Care, POP plans, Transit & Parking, Simple IRA, 529 College Savings Plans, and so much more.....

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Find out today how FusionHCM will help streamline all of these benefits into one platform, for you and your employees to reap the benefits of for many years to come, without the headache you are used to!

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