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    Welcome to FUSIONhcm Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. We know that since you are here, you are likely concerned about both the risk of a harassment claim, as well as meeting the newly imposed annual state and city training requirements. After thorough due diligence, we are happy to provide to you, our comprehensive training for both managers and employees. We have partnered with Digital Solutions to offer you a cost effective online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training solution. The training classes are very easy to use and easy to understand. Available in both English and Spanish, these online classes will provide your staff with a consistent training model ensuring you continually meet all of the mandated state and local requirements. A consistent trained staff program will assist you in mitigating your risk of a claim. Best of all, with our proprietary '5 Minute Roll Out ' this will be the easiest training program you will put in place!

  • 1 hour Online & Interactive courses

  • AutoSave Return back to training point

  • Self Paced, & Self Managed

  • Employer portal for completion status

  • 100% Compliant in all 50 states

  • '5 Minute Roll Out ' to your Staff


Our prepaid courses never expire and always provide the most current course given to enhance consistency in compliance as regulations continue to change.

Successful Work Team

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If you have employees in any of the states listed below you will need to provide your staff with Preventative Sexual Harassment Training:


Workplace harassment, which includes sexual harassment, is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Laws regarding workplace harassment, are enforced by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Sexual Harassment is the most common type of workplace harassment. It is so common, that recent statistics show that more then half of all workers (54%) have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. One claim is all that it takes to destroy the hard work that has been put into building your business...

In addition to the laws enforced by the EEOC, five states (New York, California, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine) have their own state laws specifically addressing sexual harassment, which require training to be provided to their entire staff!


New York - New York Human Rights Law § 296.1, New York City Stop Sexual Harassment Act

California - AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396, SB 1300, SB 1343

Connecticut - Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunity Act

Delaware - HB 360

Maine - Maine Employment Laws Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807

 Why you need to act on this quickly:

New York State's deadline was October 9th, 2019...Each new employee who is onboarded must be trained within 90 days and each year thereafter...Please keep in mind, a claim from within your business of Sexual Harassment is not going to wait for the state deadline, so why would you wait any longer than TODAY to start protecting your business?

We have put this solution in place that leaves you spending no more then 5 minutes rolling out this program to your staff. Our course is Online, Self Paced, and Self Managed so that the rest of your business does not have to be put on hold to take on this task!

The most important part of this training is to have proof that your staff understood the material that was taught. This is the only way to protect your business!

Thanks to our solution, this is all taken care of for you! The employees will go through an online course and be required to pass a short test following their course. When they pass the test, a certificate will be emailed to them, and the administrator will be notified that the participants have completed their course and understood the material well enough to pass the exam. This effectively mitigates your risk as an employer.  Our course proves your did your due-diligence to effectively train and educate your staff on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in your Workplace!

Best of all, they can do this on their own time at their own self pace! The employees have an opportunity to pause the course slide by slide to ensure it can be done on their own schedule. All you have to do is send one welcome email to your staff. If the employees ever have log in issues, or questions on the course, the call center is available for them to get the help they need, instead of burdening you with administrative tasks!

Why should I choose this this training option... I can buy a DVD?

The problem with training from a DVD, the material is outdated the moment it's purchased. There is no testing to ensure understanding. There is no proof that the employee watched the DVD. You are required to have someone available to answer questions. Are you going to be the one to answer the questions. Are you properly trained or are you putting  your company at greater risk ?

We are considering hiring a consultant to do the training?

This is an  additional option. BUT consider the following.  You have an ongoing training requirement for each new hire within 90 days. There is generally no testing for understanding. Most participants in these classes merely show up,  sign in and sit distracted  chatting with other participants or on their mobile phones. It disrupts the workday, stops productivity and is generally more expensive than our solution. Additionally, you are not assured of consistency of material with different trainers.

Do you have any questions? our training specialists at 631-435-8700  Ready to buy?...Scroll to the bottom of the page to shop!

Here is the course curriculum:


For Employees/Independent Contractors:


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Format: Online, Self Paced

Duration: 1 Hour


This online training course is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the common issues surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace.


This is an employee version of the sexual harassment training. This course contains the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Sexual Harassment

  • Recognizing Sexual Harassment

  • Responding to Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment and the Law

  • Final Exam

Available in English and Spanish



For Managers & Supervisors:


Sexual Harassment for Managers and Supervisors


Format: Online, Self Paced

Duration: 2 Hours


This online training course is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the common issues surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace from a manager/supervisor standpoint.

This course contains the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Sexual Harassment

  • Recognizing Sexual Harassment

  • Responding to Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment and the Law

  • Your Responsibilities as a Manager/Supervisor

  • Case Studies for Managers and Supervisors

  • Final Exam


Pricing is flexible depending on how many employees or independent contractors you need to train, or how many seats you want to pre-buy for your growing staff!


Individual seats start at $29.99 and your staff will become fully compliant with this comprehensive solution.


Seats do not expire and anytime they are used, it will always be the most up-to-date course offering to ensure you are receiving the newest, and most compliant material available!

Give us a call today to discuss how to get your company enrolled in as little as 5 minutes

Your employees will be compliant, before you know it!


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