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Small Business Edition

All the Essentials You Need to Hit the Ground Running


An integrated payroll engine that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.

Payroll Processing

End-to-end solutions for tax filing, garnishment processing, labor law posters and real-time updates on new rules and regulations as they apply to your business.


If you’re running an organization, chances are you don’t have time to chase after information on the ever-changing legislative landscape. If you don’t keep up, you risk costly compliance issues. HR Answerforce provides answers to thousands of HR-related questions with a searchable database of regularly updated state and federal laws and legal summaries

HR Answerforce
product-talent-management (004).png

Develop top talent and streamline performance management with key performance indicators and more with Fusion Performance Management.

Online Management Tools

Access to all of your data in multiple places. Each screen within FusionSBE acts as a report were relevant data can be added, removed, sorted, and exported to give you the most powerful reporting tool on the market


Provides managers and employees alike with instant mobile access to your human capital management solution to help them be productive wherever they are.

Mobile Application

One Integrated Solution

Integrate payroll & more for a single employee record. Real-time updates for informed business decisions in the moment.


Superior User Experiences

Fast-track new user adoption with a universal interface and mobile access anytime, anywhere — minimizing training while boosting ease and efficiency.


Simple Cloud Based Delivery

Avoid installation, maintenance, and upgrade headaches with fast, efficient, cloud delivery — allowing your IT staff to focus on core business initiatives

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